Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of payment methods are accepted?
We currently accept credit card payments via Paypal.

How does paying by credit card work?
Order one or more items in our shop. When finished shopping, register if you are a new customer. You are forwarded to paypal.com. Please follow the instructions. After finishing the credit card payment, we receive an e-mail from Paypal with the payment notification. During our office hours we can process this e-mail immediately so you will receive the order as soon as possible.

What is the duration of the warranty?
All our products have a TWO year warranty from date of shipping.

Can I order by telephone or fax?
No - all orders must be placed via the secure shopping cart.

How do I know you have received my order?
We send an e-mail confirmation of each order, stating the items ordered and the total cost. You should receive the e-mail within 2-14 hours of ordering.

How long do you take to dispatch an order?
All orders received by 5pm (CET) are dispatched on the same day. Orders received after this time are dispatched within 24 hours.

I am having problems using the shopping cart - what should I do?
The main reasons why customers may encounter problems using the shopping cart are that (a) customers are ordering from within a firewalled company network, or (b) ordering from a non-standard PC/Mac (eg a games console). In both cases, the shopping cart may not function properly, so we recommend using a normal stand-alone PC/Mac where possible. Another possible issue is that the security settings on your web browser are set to maximum, which prevents your computer communicating with our server properly. If using Internet Explorer, adjust the security level slider to "medium". For other browsers, "Java", "JavaScript" and "Cookies" should all be enabled in the browser options.

Is ordering from the Cardo online store secure?
Yes - the shopping cart area of the site is encrypted to ensure the security of all orders. You can view our security certificate by clicking on the padlock icon in your web browser while in the shopping cart.

Do you give discounts for large orders?
No - we do not operate any discount schemes but instead try to keep all prices as low as possible.

How long will my order take to arrive?
All orders received before 5PM (CET) are charged and sent out by first class mail or priority airmail the same day. The time that your order takes to arrive depends on your distance from Germany and on the efficiency of your local postal service. Please note that these times are only estimates based on our previous experience of sending to your country.

Germany: 1-4 working days
Western Europe: 3-7 working days
Eastern Europe: 5-20 working days
International: 10-28 working days

Please remember that these estimated times depend on factors beyond our control (for example local delivery problems, weather, security and customs inspections/delays) this can take longer. Your parcel is insured against loss, theft or damage, so if you have not received it within 45 days of your order confirmation email (10 days for German customers), then you should contact us through our customer services e-mail and we will refund or replace the order as required.

Will I receive an invoice with my order?
Yes - an itemised VAT invoice is included with each order.

I am ordering from outside the EU - will VAT be deducted from my order?
Prices displayed do not include sales tax (VAT). This will be added to orders shipped within the European Union (EU). For countries outside the EU, we do not have to charge this tax and the prices are as displayed.

Can I add items to an order I have already placed?
As we despatch orders very quickly, unfortunately it’s not possible to add to an existing order. If you require further items, you must place a new order via the shopping cart. (The extra postage cost of sending two separate orders is relatively small.)

What if my order is damaged in transit?
Orders are insured, so in the case of any items arriving damaged, we can issue a replacement without charge. Please contact us via our customer services e-mail (support@cardosystems.com) and we’ll issue you with a returns number and require you to return the damaged item(s). You will be reimbursed for your return postage. Please do not return damaged items to us without contacting us first.

If I order from outside Germany, will I pay customs charges?
If you are ordering from within Europe, you will pay no customs charges. Most other countries allow small packages to be delivered without charge, but some charge customs duty - please contact your national customs office regarding this subject, as the customer is always liable for any such charges. However, even in these countries, it is possible to avoid customs taxes by ensuring that the value of the package is less than the local tax threshold.